Technical Information

How Secure is EZ-N-Secure Encryption?

EZ-N-Secure Encryption uses both RSA-4096 and AES-256 standards to encrypt your files, providing equivalent security to NSA/NIST Secret Level Encryption Standards.

Why do we use RSA over ECC?

Our choice of RSA over ECC, is based on the fact that RSA allows for encryption of the same symmetric keys, which allows for multiple users to decrypt the file. In comparison, ECC is used for symmetric key derivation between individual users which is not useful in this application of encryption. RSA 4096 provides equivalent, or better, protection than ECC-256 which is used in the NSA/NIST Secret Level encryption recommendations. EZ-N-Secure provides at least equivalent security while remaining easy to use.

What is a TPM (Trusted Platform Module)?

A TPM is a something called a hardware security module and recently has been adopted for all for use in all windows computers. The TPM allows for EZ-N-Secure to have the ability to encrypt files and store them anywhere.


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