How do I Decrypt a File?

Method 1: Decrypting by Double Clicking on the Encrypted .ezns File

Simply double click on the encrypted .ezns file to decrypt the encrypted file and to automatically open the decrypted file.

Wait for the file to finish decrypting

Once finished the decrypted file will automatically open with your default program for the file type.

Method 2: Using the Right Click Menu

Right click on the encrypted .ezns file and select Decrypt, highlighted in red. This option only decrypts the files and does not open the decrypted file.

Wait for the file to finish decrypting.

The decrypted file will appear in the same location as the encrypted file.

Method 3:  Using the Main Interface

When using the main interface, select the encrypted file from the file decryption tab by clicking Select, highlighted in red.

Select the Encrypted File, highlighted in red.

If you mistakenly select an encrypted file in the File Encryption tab, the app will automatically place the file(s) in the File Decryption tab, and you will see this message.

Then simply click Decrypt, highlighted in red, and wait for the decryption operation to complete.

Once finished either right or left click on the decrypted file to open the folder it currently resides in. This is shown in the red highlighted area.

A window will appear with opened folder.

Method 3 Options:

The Change Save To Option allows for you to change where the decrypted file(s) will be saved to.

The default location, as shown in red, always saves the file(s) in the same folder as the original file(s) folder.

To change where you would like the files to be saved to click on the Change button highlighted in brown.

Select the folder you want the decrypted file(s) to be saved to.

Shown below, the selected path is now the Current Save To Location, shown highlighted in red.

The next steps for decrypting the file are exactly the same as Method 3: Using the main interface. Once you encrypt the file using those steps and click on the Open File Location option, the decrypted file(s) will be placed in the folder you selected, shown below highlighted in red.

After the decryption operation is executed the Current Save To Location is changed back to the default location.


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